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November 14, 2019: Greensboro Police Chief Charged with Misconduct in Office


Acting State Prosecutor, Kelly B. Madigan announced that Michael Petyo, former Police Chief of the Greensboro Police Department in Caroline County, Maryland, has been charged with misconduct in office for making factual misrepresentations in an Application for Certification which he filed on behalf of one of his police officers.
An Application for Certification is filed with the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission to certify police officers throughout the State of Maryland. Officers must be certified to be allowed to carry out their duties. Petyo made several factual misrepresentations in the Application that he filed with the Commission.
“The Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission relies on honest representations from Chiefs to ensure that people who are certified meet the requirements for certification,” said Acting State Prosecutor, Kelly B. Madigan. “We must hold our law enforcement supervisors to the highest standard and misrepresentations in the certification process cannot be tolerated.”
Although charged, the Defendants are presumed innocent unless and until there is a conviction.


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