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November 7, 2019: Former Baltimore City School Business Manager Charged with Theft of School Funds

Former Baltimore City School Business Manager Charged with Theft of School Funds

Acting State Prosecutor Kelly Madigan announced today that Danean Cunningham, a former teacher and Business Manager of Mergenthaler Vocational Technical High School, was charged with theft of school funds. The charge alleges that Cunningham stole approximately $9,999.99 from Mergenthaler Vocational Technical High School while employed as the school’s Business Manager by depositing monies made payable to the school into her personal bank account. As Business Manager, Cunningham was responsible for the collection, recordation and deposit of all school monies.

“Depriving Baltimore City students of essential resources for personal gain cannot be tolerated. We will continue to hold people in positions of trust for schools accountable” said Kelly Madigan, Acting State Prosecutor.

Cunningham is the fourth Baltimore City Public School employee charged by the Office of the State Prosecutor since 2013. Leslie Lewis, a former principal, was charged and convicted of stealing over $60,000.00 from Baltimore Community High School in 2017. In October of 2015, Alisha Trusty, former principal of Western High School, pleaded guilty to stealing approximately $54,000 from the school’s student activity fund. In March of 2013, William Howard, II, former principal of Coppin Academy, pleaded guilty to stealing over $10,000 from that school’s student activity fund account.
Although charged, the Defendant is presumed innocent unless and until there is a conviction.