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February 1, 2019: Statement of Facts, Floyd Briscoe Wright

STATEMENT OF FACTS – Floyd Briscoe Wright         


Floyd Briscoe Wright (“Wright), DOB 10/28/1952, prepared taxes in the State of Maryland through his business, Briscoe & Associates, LLC, for many years including 2014, 2015 and 2016. After receiving a complaint about Wright’s services, the Comptroller of the State of Maryland conducted an audit on twenty of Wright’s clients. After a thorough audit of his client’s taxes, the Comptroller’s office calculated the taxes submitted and prepared by Wright deprived the State of $227,740.00 in taxes. The patterns of misrepresentations in the taxes and unaccounted for levels of charity and business losses led the Comptroller’s office to believe that criminal fraud had taken place and referred the case for criminal prosecution.

Despite not being a licensed tax preparer, Wright prepared and filed taxes for his clients that were fraudulent, which gave his clients a reduced adjusted gross income and deprived the State of tax revenue. If called to testify over thirty of Wright’s clients would identify Wright as the man who prepared their taxes and filed their personal income tax return. Every witness would say that numbers in their taxes were not provided to Wright by them and were fabricated by Wright. Robert Summers, a revenue administrator from the Comptroller’s office, who conducted the audit of Wright’s clients would testify that the fraudulent numbers entered by Wright offset the adjusted gross income and reduced the individual tax payer’s liability. All events occurred in the State of Maryland and all personal income tax forms in the State of Maryland are collected and maintained in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.