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November 16, 2018: Statement of Facts for Roger Harris

Statement of Facts for Roger Harris 03–K-18-001655


Pursuant to a Pre-Indictment Plea, the following are the facts in support of the plea for State of Maryland v. Roger Harris 03-K-18-001655:

Roger L. Harris, Jr. (“Harris”) was admitted to the Maryland Bar on June 25, 1997. Harris initially practiced law as an Assistant State’s Attorney before maintaining a law practice as a solo practitioner in Baltimore County. As a solo practitioner, Harris would represent clients in personal injury lawsuits and other claims. Harris served as an attorney to these clients, as well as, a trusted advisor and fiduciary.

In the summer of 2014, while dealing with difficult personal conflict, Harris began to steal from his clients. In some instances, Harris would take larger than customary attorney fees from settlements. In other instances, Harris forged his clients’ signatures on settlement checks and deposited the entire amount into his personal bank account without notifying the clients and/or keeping the clients at bay by falsely stating that settlements had not been reached. Additionally, Harris negotiated reduced costs with third-party medical providers for expenses that were incurred by his clients and failed to pay the agreed upon amounts. In those instances, Harris deposited the funds into his personal bank account instead of paying the medical provider. Between June of 2014 and August of 2016, Harris stole approximately $74,795.23 from his clients and medical providers.

This case was initially referred to the Attorney Grievance Commission. Subsequently, Harris was subsequently disbarred from the practice of law as a result of the above-referenced allegations.

If called to testify witnesses would identify Harris as the defendant and confirm that all events occurred in Baltimore County.