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February 15, 2017: Damiana Murphy and Mary Murphy Statement of Facts in Support of Guilty Pleas


From March of 2014 through October of 2015, Mary Murphy served as the duly appointed Chairperson of the campaign finance entity Friends of Michael A. Jackson.  From February of 2014 through October of 2015, Damiana Murphy served as the duly appointed Treasurer of that same campaign finance entity.  Damiana Murphy is Mary Murphy’s daughter and during all times relevant to the indictment they lived together and shared living expenses.

In October of 2015, Delegate Michael A. Jackson, having become aware of discrepancies with his campaign account, reported his concerns to the Office of the State Prosecutor.

An extensive investigation which included analysis of campaign bank accounts and analysis of numerous merchant receipt records disclosed that between April of 2014 and September of 2015, Damiana Murphy and Mary Murphy together willfully used approximately $22,000 in campaign funds for their personal use and benefit.  Specifically, during the above referenced period, Mary Murphy and Damiana Murphy together withdrew approximately $5,500 in cash mostly by way of numerous ATM cash transactions from the campaign account; made numerous gasoline purchase totaling approximately $1,312.00 for their personal vehicle; and made numerous personal retail purchases totaling approximately $7,396.00.  Furthermore, on July 3, 2014, Damiana Murphy withdrew $2,700.00 in cash from that account for the personal use of both defendants and also on that same date Damiana Murphy issued a $4,000.00 campaign account check to Mary Murphy for their personal benefit.

Delegate Michael A. Jackson would testify that none of the above described expenditures were legitimate campaign expenditures and that he never gave either party permission to make such expenditures.  He would identify Mary Murphy as his former Campaign Chairperson and Damiana Murphy as his former Campaign Treasurer.  All these acts occurred in the State of Maryland.




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Maryland State Prosecutor

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