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August 18, 2015: Carrie L. Taylor Statement of Facts

 CARRIE L. TAYLOR                       




Carrie L. Taylor served as Treasurer of the Cecil County Republican Central Committee from December 13, 2010 through December 10, 2014. An investigation, which included analysis of the campaign accounts of the Cecil County Republican Central Committee and the personal bank accounts of Ms. Taylor, revealed that during the above time frame, Ms. Taylor made numerous unauthorized transactions using the Cecil County Republican Central Committee cash funds and debit card for her personal use and benefit. The theft of committee funds totaled just over $8,800.

When asked by Cecil County Republican Central Committee officers about bank account irregularities, Ms. Taylor fabricated a story about the bank account being closed by someone else, and claimed to have received a letter from someone at PNC Bank supporting this. Ms. Taylor later admitted to fabricating the letter and the story about the account being closed by someone else. The account was in fact closed by the bank for insufficient funds in December of 2013.

When confronted by investigators from the Office of the State Prosecutor, Ms. Taylor eventually admitted to taking money from the Committee’s account for her own use. She admitted to both using the Committee debit card to make cash withdrawals and pay for various personal expenses, as well as keeping cash received during Committee fundraising events. Ms. Taylor emphasized that she needed the money to help pay for her housing and other necessities, but that is not what she used it for. Investigators found that Ms. Taylor actually used the stolen funds for a multitude of unauthorized purchases, including two airline tickets for personal travel, a membership with an online dating website, and to pay for the parking garage at her place of employment.

Further, Ms. Taylor confirmed that the Campaign Finance Report that she filed on January 16, 2014 contained inaccurate information. All Campaign Finance Reports require the signer to certify under penalty of perjury that all information included within is complete and accurate to the best of their knowledge.

All these events occurred in the State of Maryland.