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June 23, 2015: Alisha R. Trusty Statement of Facts



Alisha R. Trusty served as Principal of Western High School in Baltimore City from August of 2010 through August of 2014. Among her many duties as Principal, Ms. Trusty was responsible for the administration of  the school activity fund, including opening and maintaining checking accounts for it. Per Baltimore City Board of School Commissioner’ policy, school activity funds must be used only for “activities that relate to and benefit the educational experience and/or morale of the students.” The student activity account is funded by student dues and donations. The funds were maintained in a Bank of America account titled the”City of Baltimore Western High Central Fund.”

In June of 2014, the Office of the State Prosecutor received a complaint from the Baltimore City Public School System’s Office of Legal Counsel that indicated that their Office of Internal Audits had discovered numerous irregularities concerning the Western High School student activity fund.  Investigation and analysis of subpoenaed bank records and the transaction description and history of numerous merchants revealed that from February of 2011 through January of 2014, Ms. Trusty used the funds of the Western High School student activity fund for personal expenses that totaled $53,912.94. Specifically, on May 13, 2013, Ms. Trusty used the student activity fund debit card to pay personal legal bills in the amount of $3,600.00. On April 4, 2013, she used the fund’s debit card to pay her personal Baltimore Gas & Electric bill in the amount of $1,275.00. From December 20, 2011 through January 7, 2012, she sought and obtained, from the BCPSS, reimbursement in the amount of $10, 875.97 for trip expenses although all those same expenses had already been charged to the student activity fund account. On November 29, 2013 and again on January 6, 2014, Ms. Trusty wrote checks in the amount of $2,450.50 and cashed same retaining the funds for personal use. From April 21, 2013 through January 14, 2014, Ms. Trusty performed 66 debit card “cash back” transactions totaling $5,380.00 from the student activity fund account and retained the funds for personal use. From June 30, 2013 through July 25, 2013, Ms. Trusty paid for 19 nights at a New Jersey hotel totaling $2,818.00 with the fund’s debit card while being out on medical leave from the school system. Finally, from February 13, 2011 through January 15, 2014, Ms. Trusty used the student activity fund debit card to purchase numerous personal items totaling $25,062. 32.

If called in to testify, a representative from the Baltimore City School System would testify that the defendant, Ms. Trusty, who would be identified as the woman seated next to counsel a the trial table, was not authorized and  never had permission to use student activity funds for personal use or expenses. All these events occurred in the State of Maryland.



Respectfully submitted,


Emmet C.  Davitt

State Prosecutor