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October 21, 2013: Leroy L. Ambush, III Statement of Facts

STATE OF MARYLAND               *          IN THE


            V.                                            *          CIRCUIT COURT


LEROY L. AMBUSH, III                *          FOR FREDERICK COUNTY


  • ·                     CASE NO. 10K13053581









            If this matter had proceeded to trial, state witnesses would testify to the following facts:

            In June of 2008, the defendant, Leroy L. Ambush III, was hired by the Office of the State’s Attorney for Frederick County as Victim/Witness Coordinator for the Office.  He worked there in that capacity until he was terminated in March of 2013.  As part of his duties, Mr. Ambush was often requested to accept restitution payments from defendants in criminal cases and provide same to the victims of various crimes.

            Between February 1, 2010 and March 19, 2013, however, Mr. Ambush stole restitution payments intended for specific crime victims in approximately 58 separate instances.  The amount of restitution funds stolen totaled approximately $20,700.00.  As soon as the Office of the State’s Attorney for Frederick County became aware of the thefts, Mr. Ambush was confronted, immediately terminated and the matter was referred to the Office of the State Prosecutor.

            On April 19, 2013, Mr. Ambush was interviewed by investigators with the Office of the State Prosecutor.  He admitted that on numerous occasions during that period, he accepted money orders or, in some instances, cash payments intended as restitution for crime victims and kept the money for his own personal use.  He carried out this scheme by writing his name as the payee on money orders and endorsing same.  Mr. Ambush also confirmed that he frequently created a fictitious name and address of the purchaser on each money order prior to cashing them.

            All of these events occurred in Frederick County, Maryland.  State Investigators would identify the defendant, Leroy L. Ambush, III, as the individual who admitted to stealing restitution funds in his role as Victim/Witnesses Coordinator for the Office of the State’s Attorney for Frederick County.